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Welcome to G.I.T.Institute website: We believe in you and your Success.

Who we are?

We are people that believe that there is greatness in every human being, the potential that is waiting to awaken and bring the light of new innovation to our world. We believe in you, your dreams, and goals, and overall in your future success.  We are experts in the areas of Leadership Development, Principles of Success, and Public Speaking. We are coaches, trainers, speakers, and teachers.

What is this website all about? 

The purpose of G.I.T.I is to provide a high level of training in the subjects that deal with individual growth, business growth, and national growth. We help people discover their own potential, train them on the importance of personal growth for current and future success, both in life and business. We also, present to the corporates, small businesses, and government and non-profit organizations with the tools that they need to grow their leadership capacity, principles of success, and practical public speaking training.

What we do?

We train people in the areas of:

  • Personal Growth
  • Leadership Growth
  • And Entrepreneurship Growth.

Author: gitinstitute

My name is Mading Meyr, and I am the founder of the Growth International Training Institute (gitinstitute) an online platform that I use for training in areas such as, Leadership, Personal Development, Success Principles, Enterpenuraship, and The Power of Thinking. I am a certified John C. Maxwell coach, speaker, trainer, and teacher. I also hold a Certificate from the Train the Trainee Program, courses provided by Jac Canfiled the best seller of the Chicken Soup for the Soul, as a success principles trainer, I also have a certificate from the University of California in the subject of management.

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